My contribution to the preservation of our oceans is small, in fact, its minuscule. I have not invented some amazing new technology that is going to pick up all the rubbish in the ocean and I have not found a way to turn plastic into plants. All I have is passion. A burning passion to protect our oceans and do as much as I can in my lifestyle to ensure I am supporting a cleaner, zero waste world. 

With a problem like plastic pollution that is so immense and overwhelming, many people think that the impact of one person’s action can be kind of pointless. Especially when you consider the whole population of the earth and how many people there are that use single use plastic every day. However, I think that the power of small actions is highly underestimated. 

It is sometimes easy to forget that every time we purchase something, we are making a conscious choice about the world we want to live in. Every time something in plastic is purchased, it supports the continued production of plastic, which is more deeply connected to the continuation of mining fossil fuels and therefore the continued pollution and warming of our oceans. 

Buying products in plastic has become routine in most of our lives and the damage this plastic can cause is hardly ever considered. Plastic comes on almost everything, especially the food we buy. Crackers, rice, nuts, chocolate, lollies, grains, muesli, herbs, spices, flours, the list goes on and on. Think about how much plastic you might have sitting in your pantry right now, a number which represents how many times you have agreed to support a more wasteful world. 

The change needs to come from individuals, from us. We cannot expect governments or big business to change unless we inspire changes first. This is why I choose to shop at bulk food stores like Naked Foods. Not only is the food they sell absolutely delicious, it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to buy the majority of your house hold food. They are completely plastic free (everything is naked). You can buy all your food in bulk with paper bags, or even better, by bringing in your own re-useable jars. They also provide heaps of recipes that you can use for cooking inspiration with your new products that might have otherwise come in plastic. 

These are some of my favourite cheeky things to buy when I go to the store:


Another thing I love about Naked Foods is that you can buy everything in bulk. If you have a good idea about how much of a certain food you eat, you shouldn’t have to go shopping there over once a month.

I truly believe small actions can make a difference. Who knows how much plastic you will prevent from destroying our oceans. Even better, who knows how many people your actions may inspire to also consider the impact of their plastic foot print. Next time you reach for the plastic coated food in your local grocer think about what world you are supporting, the world you want to live in and the world you want to leave for the next generation.