XO ACTIVE are known for supporting women achieve their sporting goals and are helping me accomplish my goal to race in the Molokai to Oahu crossing. They also support women in need through their Bali Life Foundation and have killer activewear. 

Jolyn have been providing me with lots and lots of togs since I was 16. Having been in the ocean all my life, I can guarantee you aren't going to find swimmers that last as long and look as good as Jolyns do.


E-Lab training has helped me in so many ways to become the athlete I am today. Not only am I stronger than I have ever been, I have also avoided injury and corrected my posture through it. Shout out to Mark Mitchel my E-Lab coach :)

JM are a great team to be involved with and I have loved working with them. Their custom, carbon fibre boards have traveled with me up and down the coast (even across the world) and have always given me great results. 


Blue Dinosaur bars are the best healthy snack out, and have been helping keep energised for training. They are only made out of completely natural and healthy ingredients that your body will thank you for. 

Dolphin make amazing skis which I love racing on. Their skis are extremely strong, stable and fast and they are the only skis I have ever raced on (they are that good). 


Bennett paddles are simply the best paddles you can buy. They are made from carbon fibre, so are super light, and come in a range of designs. 

As I spend most of my day out in the sun I need to make sure I am using the best sunscreen available. Feel Good Sunscreen is preservative and oxybezone free, SPF 50+, and caters for all skin types, keeping me and the environment safe. 

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